R&J Cylinder and Machine offers a wide array of boring services, including horizontal pull boring, vertical boring, and single point boring. Our teams of specialists are equipped with the latest technologies, training, and capabilities to provide optimal sizing, straightness, and overall precision for any application.

Horizontal Boring

Vertical Boring

Pull Boring - Horizontal only



R&J’s engineers specialize in deep hole boring, providing maximum stock removal and efficiencies at our ISO 9001:2015-certified Ohio machine shop. R&J engineers are equipped to bore all grades and sizes of materials up to a hardness of 45 Rc steel and will leave 0.050” of stock for honing that allows finishing for all standard, metric, or oversized requirements.

Additionally, R&J Cylinder and Machine is often chosen for our specialized methods in pull boring. Our process achieves the straightest ID, improves wall thickness, and enhances surface finish by enlarging and finishing holes with higher accuracy. This process also allows for stock to be removed faster and all at once, and it is ideal for applications with smaller diameters and for leaving a high-quality surface finish.



Outside Diameter:

Up to 33 ¾"

Inside Diameter:

50,000 lbs

Machining Industry Standards:

ISO 9001:2015


50,000 lbs



Lifting capacity:

50,000 lbs


Capacity: Up to 24" OD x 36' Long

Capacity: 24" - 40" OD x 24' Long

Materials /Metals we Work With:

All ferrous and non-ferrous materials with hardness up to 45 HRC

Maximum stock removal is 1.00" on ID per pass