General Machining

With our skilled machining experts on staff, we can machine just about any ferrous and non-ferrous material with a hardness up to 45 HRC. We offer both manual and CNC machining services.




Capacity: Up to 42” Dia x 399” Long
Up to 40,000 Ibs
62” Gap Available
X Axis 157.50’’ – Y Axis 98.400’’ x Z Axis 78.700’’ – W Axis 27.600’’


Capacity: Up to 86” x 63” x 63”
Maximum Part Weight: 33,000 Ibs
Full Rotating 360 Degree Table

Lead Times Available:

Based on Customer Requirements
Rush Services
Emergency Basis

Industry Standards:

ISO 9001:2015

Materials/Metals We Work With:

All Ferrous and Non-ferrous Materials with Hardness Up to 45 HRC

Quality Assurance Testing:

Keyence Wide Area CMM / Latest Inspection Technologies Available

Production Volume:

From One to Thousands